It sounds completely ridiculous right now, but we're probably going to hear about a major college football program getting a toddler to make a verbal commitment to play for them soon. College coaches are relentless when it comes to recruiting and they're willing to take chances on young players like never before in order to secure the futures of their programs.

The latest example: Tate Martell, a 14-year-old eighth grader (a 14-year-old eighth grader!) who just verbally committed to play at the University of Washington when he graduates high school. Forget about graduating middle school or actually playing a single down in high school. The Huskies are apparently so smitten with what they've seen out of him so far that they've already decided to roll the dice and offer him a scholarship a full five years before he can even use it. And, while the kid does look like a stud on the field, he's still, well, a kid. So, why won't everybody just let him be one?

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[via Sports Illustrated]