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Tom Brady enjoys having sex with his wife Gisele. Okay, okay. So, that's not exactly news. I mean, of course he likes having sex with her. It's his wife! And, she's a supermodel. So, what's not to like? But, it's making news today, because Hot Clicks editor Jimmy Traina talked to Brady yesterday and asked him to confirm or deny the rumors that Gisele is pregnant with the couple's third child.

"I don't know if you want to get into that or not," Traina said.

"I like working on it," Brady replied.

Well, alllllllrighty then, Mr. Brady. Other interesting things that the two spoke about in the interview: Brady's (sometimes) ridiculous haircuts, whether or not he reads about himself on the Internet, Rob Gronkowski's dancing skills, and the fact that Brady really (no, really!) loves wearing Uggs. You can peep the full interview over here. It's worth a read.

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