If you're a sports fan, there are two sites you need to be checking for everyday: Complex Sports (duh!) and Sports Illustrated staple Hot Clicks. And we're not saying that because they paid us to or anything (although, if you guys would like to send us a free lunch, our address is...just kidding!). We're saying it because real recognize real and Hot Clicks is most definitely real. Twice a day, the SI franchise provides links to a host of weird sports stories, classic YouTube clips, hot chicks, and…well, you get the point. Hot Clicks is the shit. And, if you're a sports fan—or if you just like looking at pictures of attractive young ladies—you need to be on it.

In fact, once you're done here, head over there. Because we were going to do a round-up of our favorite Hot Clicks moments today. But, wouldn't you know, the HC creator Jimmy Traina beat us to it over the weekend. Props. And, good luck on another five years in the game, guys.

[via Hot Clicks]

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