Years: 1983-1997
Teams: Lakers, Pacers, Grizzlies
Kareem was the post presence par excellence, Worthy was the slasher, and Magic was, well, Magic, but the Showtime Lakers squads of the mid-'80s wouldn't have been the same without Byron Scott. He never made an All-Star team, but he started nearly 50 games for the Lakers as a rookie in 1983-84, and only in his final year, a farewell reunion with the Lake Show in 1996-97, did he average fewer than 10 points in a season. With Kareem on the decline, Scott became the Lakers third offensive option during their repeat season in 1988, and he responded, averaging 19+ points a game in L.A.'s run. Scott also made key contributions in limited minutes to the Pacers back-to-back Eastern Conference Finals teams in '94 and '95.