You've heard time and time again about how competitive Michael Jordan was during, well, everything back when he was still a player. Practice? Playoffs? Monopoly games? The guy always brought his A-game. But, did you know that he was this competitive? Yesterday, Steve Kerr appeared on The Dan Patrick Show and talked about a time when he disagreed with something MJ said during a scrimmage. Jordan's reaction to Kerr getting out of line was legendary (fast-forward to the 7:55 mark of this clip to hear Kerr talk about it).

"I disagreed with him one time," Kerr said. "He punched me in the face…It was one of the best things that ever happened for me. I needed to stand up and go back at him. I think I earned some respect. But, we have a great relationship ever since…you gotta prove it and then once you prove it, you're fine."

Okay. But, did you really have to get punched in the face (!) to "prove it"?! Damn.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]