Remember when Charles Barkley ripped Michael Jordan for being a bad owner a few months ago? He went on ESPN 1000's The Waddle & Silvy Show and admitted that, although he's still great friends with MJ, he hasn't been impressed with the job he's done as an NBA exec.

"I love Michael," he said, "but he just has not done a good job."

Well, it sounds like that criticism didn't go over too well with His Airness. Earlier this week, the Round Mound of Rebound appeared on The Waddle & Silvy Show again. And, this time, he talked about the trouble he started between him and Jordan back in March when he made those comments.

"You guys almost got me killed," he said. "Remember the time when I came on a show and said, 'I can't guarantee you that Michael is going to be a good GM'? Michael called me and almost killed me, man! I can't tell you [what he said]. It wasn't positive."

"Let me say this," he continued. "Michael is one of my best friends. I love him like a brother. He's always been there for me, but I do have to do my job. Like I told him, I can't get on radio and TV and say you have done a good job, no matter how much I love you. He was not happy."

We would've loved to have been on the line when that call went down. And, we wonder if Chuck will get another one this week. Or, is he off the hook because MJ's too busy getting Charlotte fans super excited about the NBA Draft tonight?

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[via Larry Brown Sports]