Surprise, surprise: LeBron James is on the cover of the new issue of Sports Illustrated. And, in his cover story—which starts off with the story about how he ended up in a couple's wedding photos last weekend—he talks about what happened immediately after the Heat beat the Thunder in Game 5 of the 2012 NBA Finals to win the 'chip. Namely, he discusses how he believed, at least for a few minutes, that he'd accidentally misplaced and lost his NBA Finals MVP trophy.

"Where's my trophy?" he yelled as his teammates poured champagne on him in the locker room after the game while he searched his locker. "I left it right here!"

He ran back out towards the court at the American Airlines Arena. "Have you seen my trophy?" he was heard yelling. "Who took my trophy?"

Fortunately, it turned out that no one "took" it. Someone from the NBA had simply swiped it after he received it and took it to the area where he'd be holding his post-game press conference to put it on display. Close call.

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[via Ball Don't Lie]