Earlier this week, Floyd Mayweather's team posted the address of the Clark County Detention Center where he's currently being housed as well as his prison ID so that fans could send him mail.

Floyd wants to share his ID info: ID# 01363917, Clark County Detention Ctr, 330 S Casino Center Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89101 Thanks, @MsJackson

— Floyd Mayweather (@FloydMayweather) June 3, 2012

Unfortunately, it seems as though a few of those fans have been sending the wrong kinds of mail. According to Las Vegas police officer Bill Cassell, Money May has received a bunch of photos that have been deemed "inappropriate" over the course of the last week. Although he didn't describe what kinds of "inappropriate" stuff was featured in the photos—we're sure you can use your imagination and figure it out—he did admit that there were some photos sent to Mayweather that had to be confiscated.

"He's gotten some mail and a couple of books," Cassell says. "There has been some contraband that has been stopped."

Also worth noting: Mayweather won't get to watch Manny Pacquiao's PPV fight against Timothy Bradley tomorrow night. As you can see in the photo above, he doesn't have access to a TV in his cell.

One week down, Floyd. Only about 12 more to go…

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[via ESPN]