Thanks to Jack McCallum's upcoming book, "Dream Team," Clyde Drexler has been going through a tough couple of weeks. Last Tuesday, Deadspin posted an excerpt from the book where Drexler supposedly suggested that the Dream Team pitied Magic Johnson because they felt that he was going to die from HIV. Of course, Clyde immediately denied those comments the very next day. But this isn't the last we heard from The Glide.

Now, McCallum and his book are back with more quotes sure to leave people shaking their collective heads. When Drexler remained as one of the players competing for the final spot on the Dream Team, he wasn't too happy about it. He expressed his dissatisfaction with McCallum over the issue:  

McCallum: It had to be a little difficult, right?

CLYDE: To me, you only control what you control. So stuff like that don’t bother me. But if you want to know what I really think, how can you leave off Worthy, Dominique and Isiah, three guys who really deserved to be on that team. And you leave me off, too? The runner-up for the MVP? And my team is in the Finals every year? [Drexler’s Blazers were finalists in 1990 and 1992]. If you really want to know what I thought, I said it then.

McCallum: Well, who would you have left off then?

CLYDE: You look at production that year. What did Bird do? What did Magic do?

Should we expect another "my words were taken out of context" statement in the next day or two? Regardless of all that, can we just address the elephant in the room, which is, after two slight jabs aimed in Earvin's direction, what does Drexler have against Magic? 

[via Larry Brown Sports]