Earlier this week, Floyd Mayweather's lawyers asked for the Clark County Detention Center to release him early and let him serve the remainder of his three-month jail sentence on house arrest because they felt his prison stint was putting his boxing career in jeopardy. That request was subsequently declined. Now, we know exactly why the CCDC declined it.

In this clip, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Deputy Chief John Donahue runs through a series of Money May's complaints—namely, the food situation in the clink and his inability to train properly—and offers up explanations as to why they're not valid excuses for him to seek house arrest as an option. In so many words, he sons Mayweather and tells him, "Have fun doing push-ups (and inverted push-ups!) in your cell for the next three months." Harsh? Yeah. But, yo: This is prison, Floyd! Not the Ritz. Just do your time and get this behind you.

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[via Boxing Experts Blog]