We've heard of athletes being addicted to a ton of different things. Alcohol? Yep. Drugs? Of course. Sex? Yeah, Tiger Woods even managed to cover that for us! But, video games? Well, that's certainly a new one.

But, former Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman Quinn Pitcock—who now plays with the Arena League's Orlando Predators—says that's exactly what he suffered from after he quit the NFL back in 2008.

"There were some issues," says Pitcock, who was drafted by the Colts out of Ohio State in 2007. "Maybe some mild depression. I'm the kind of person that avoids problems. Video games were my outlet."

He says he used to play video games like Call of Duty for up to 18 hours a day. At one point, it got so bad that he decided to break all the games he had in order to try and quit. But, he couldn't, so he asked the Colts for help and they referred him to a psychologist who identified his problem and helped him beat his video game addiction. The only issue that's still lingering? NFL teams have been very hesitant to welcome him back to the league.

"They're more comfortable with drug addiction," he says. "It's unfortunate. It definitely hinders my chances."

Damn. Who knew?

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[via ESPN]