Round: Western Conference Semifinals
Dates: May 6-May 18
Winner: Spurs, 4-2
The Phoenix Suns were undoubtedly the league's most exciting team, but after two MVPs for Steve Nash and a pair of relatively early exits, the pressure to win was at an all time high. So what was already a contentious matchup with that model of monotonous excellence, the San Antonio Spurs, was sure to get feistier after Steve Nash took a shot to the eye in Game 1. But that was just a preview.

In the latter stages of a pivotal Game 5, Robert Horry leveled Nash into the scorer's table, prompting his teammates (Amare Stoudemire & Boris Diaw) to rush to his aid-and a suspension. The shorthanded Suns lost the next game and haven't been the same since.