Goat: Scottie Pippen
Game: Game 7, 1990 Eastern Conference Finals
Date: 6/3/1990

Most of us remember Scottie Pippen as the greatest second banana that ever lived. Michael Jordan, being the "competitive" guy he is, probably remembers him as the reason he doesn't have seven championship rings. You see, MJ used to consider his sidekick a bit "soft." So did the Detroit Pistons (for the record though, he wasn't). While the focus of their defense was "The Jordan Rules", they also made sure to intimidate his teammates lest they got any ideas about contributing. Especially Scottie. For the second year in a row, the Bulls challenged the Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals, reaching a Game 7 in Detroit. And for the second year in a row, MJ and his supporting cast didn't have enough to get the Bulls past the Bad Boys, with Pippen coming down with a migraine before the crucial deciding game. It probably wasn't a coincidence that he got an ouchy before the biggest game (up to that point) of his life.