Round: NBA Finals
Dates: May 31-June 12
Winner: Mavericks, 4-2
We certainly didn't expect Dirk to win this time. The Miami Heat became Public Enemy No. 1 overnight, but much of it was because they were just that good. Shutting down and dunking on whoever they pleased, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh ran roughshod over the league and right into the Finals.

Nowiktzki's Mavs were on a surprising run of their own, yet it wasn't until their 15-point comeback in Game 2 that we believed they had a chance. Miami would bounce back in Game 3, but Dallas was seemingly a team of destiny, taking the series' final three games. Either that or LeBron choked. Whatever it was-Dirk's redemption or Bron's deserved dose of schadenfreude-this was an instant classic.