Round: Finals
Dates: April 24-May 8
Winner: Lakers, 4-3
Still reeling from their unexpected loss to Boston in the previous year's Finals, the Lakers were determined to right their course, yet once again found themselves on the wrong side of history. The Knicks pounced on L.A. in Game 1 and nearly took Game 2, were it not for two clutch free throws from Jerry West. Game 3 provided one of the greatest shots in Finals history as West hurled a sixty footer to tie the score at the end of regulation.

However, New York would emerge with another victory in overtime. Thirty-seven points from West and 30 from Baylor kept Laker hopes alive in Game 4, but Game 5 was the series turning point. Los Angeles capitalized on Willis Reed's leg injury to build a 16-point lead, but once again the Knicks came scrambling back to take a 3-2 series advantage. Wilt Chamberlain would dominate with 45 points in Game 6, but inspired by the presence of a hobbled Reed in Game 7, New York ran away with the title in a 14 point win, led by Walt Frazier's 36 and 19.

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