Round: Eastern Conference Finals
Dates: May 21-June 2
Winner: Cavs, 4-2
Sometimes a young team just needs experience to get over the hump and sometimes all the experience in the world won't matter. Cleveland's run-in with Detroit-their second in as many years-was supposed to be just another lesson. What we learned was that when he really wants to be, LeBron James is simply unstoppable (take heart Heat fans).

Game 1 ended with what is now a familiar controversy, after James passed to Donyell Marshall for the tie instead of taking matters into his own hands. The talking heads chattered all the way through the series' first four games before Bron shut everyone up in Game 5. In the fourth quarter and two overtimes, Bron scored 25 consecutive points to seize a 3-2 series lead; Cleveland would finish a stunned Pistons squad off in six. Five years later, we still have questions about Bron, but we'll also always have this moment.