The NBA Lockout of 2011 taught us a couple things: A shortened season sucks and most importantly, bad contracts aren't the players' fault. Would you turn down a lucrative contract at your job even if you knew you were worthless? Don't get it twisted, though. Not every player on this list is a scrub. Jason Terry and Manu Ginobili are perfect role players that had just as much to do with winning championships as their respective superstar teammates. That's why they get payed the big bucks.

On the flip side, there's guys like Desagana Diop and Andris Biedrins who are grossly overpaid due to the lack of true big men in recent years. We thought the new CBA would prevent the likes of Kwame Brown from getting more than the veteran's minimum, but we were wrong. Hopefully all the incompetent GMs across the NBA have learned their lesson and we won't have to make another list next year. Check out the 25 Highest-Paid Bench Players in the NBA Today.

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