One of the coolest things about last night's Thunder victory over the Lakers in Game 5 of their best-of-7 series was seeing more than 7500 OKC fans gathered outside of Chesapeake Energy Arena to watch the game on a huge screen and cheer their team on. However, we wouldn't be surprised if that's the last time we see that happen. Because, shortly after the game ended, a huge fight reportedly broke out just a few blocks away from the arena that resulted in seven people getting shot and wounded.

"All we're hearing from some of the witnesses is there was pushing and shoving in the area," police Capt. Dexter Nelson said this morning. "Apparently, a group of girls got into it with some guys. It was shortly thereafter that gunfire erupted."

Capt. Nelson revealed that police are still talking to witnesses and trying to find out who was behind the shooting. He was also quick to point out that police do not believe that the fight had anything to do with the game. Still, anytime you get 7500 people wandering the streets hyped up off adrenaline and who knows what else, you're gonna have situations like this one come up. So, we hope you enjoyed the scene outside the arena last night, because it very well could be the last time you see it.

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[via ESPN]