We were sad to see the Lakers get knocked out of the 2012 NBA Playoffs last night. But, it's not because we wanted to see them win the 'chip this year. Rather, we were sad to see them get knocked out because it means we won't get to hear from Metta World Peace for a few months now. And, he's been providing some of the best quotes of the playoffs this year.

He managed to go out on a high note today, though, by providing one more hilarious quote before leaving the Lakers locker room. Immediately after his exit interview with the team, Los Angeles Times scribe Mark Medina caught up with World Peace to ask him about the disappointing end to the Lakers season. More specifically, he asked him whether or not he thought Lakers first-year head coach Mike Brown had done a good job with the team. As you might expect, World Peace had some great thoughts on it.

"It was a drastic change and took getting used to," he said. "But, at the same time, we should still be up 3-2 [in the best-of-7 series against the Thunder]. Mike wasn't out there guarding Kevin. That was me. Mike didn't miss a three-point shot. I missed it. Mike didn't come in out of shape. Wait, he did come in out of shape. Mike is a fat ass."

Haaa. Oh, Metta. We're gonna miss you, man. See you in September.

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[via Mark Medina]