ESPN's biggest shill (so to speak) is sweaty, network buffoon Chris Berman. Boomer has a seemingly single-white-female-like relationship with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. We half expect the rumblin'-stumblin' loose cannon to dye his comb-over blonde and hit Steelers linebacker James Harrison with a suspension for helmet-to-helmet contact. During the NFL Draft, he barks out picks before they're announced like an excited puppy. His alter ego "The Swami" predicts football games with the precision of a wrecking ball. And he once sided with the NFL on the cancelling of his own network's original program Playmakers.

NFL Live airs an hour a day, year round. That means at the start of baseball season, and in the thick of the NHL and NBA playoffs, Trey Wingo and the rest of the boob squad discuss match-ups for next seasons schedule, and somehow, manage to keep a straight face. Tedy Bruschi is supposed to be an analyst, but spends more time in the VIP box at Gillette Stadium than Patriots owner Robert Kraft. And if Adam Schefter kissed any more player ass, he'd be on this list.