When we were little kids, we'd be on our knees on our basement laminate flooring, one hand stabilizing ourselves, the other cruising a small bright red fire truck towards our sister's Disney castle that was "on fire," yelping our most annoying impression of a siren. Back then, our massive Hot Wheels collection was enough to satisfy our fascination with those four-wheeled cars. Nowadays, it's not often that we see those dream cars in affordable full-size form. That's why we loved this 1930 Ford Model A fire truck. It's basically a giant toy, and a great collectible at that. The car spent about 30 years at a station in Illinois, before being passed between a few collectors. The seller had this to add:

"I can't say for sure this was a bonified certified firetruck, it looks like a model a that was modified by Henry Ford or someone else like him with vision, It does have 8 leaf springs on rear axel on each side indicating it carried a heavy load for some time there are areas cut out indicating a tank and hoses were removed and then covered up"

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