Here in America, we take our sports seriously. Sometimes, a little too seriously. But, we can't even begin to compare ourselves to sports fans in some other parts of the world. For instance, check out this story about a couple of crazy soccer fans from Argentina.

Recently, two fans of the Racing Club soccer team followed Racing Club midfielder Giovanni Moreno out of the parking lot at the Racing Club's training facility in their car and forced him to pull over. According to Moreno's teammate Federico Santander, the men then pulled out guns and threatened to shoot Moreno in both of his legs if he failed to lead Racing Club to a victory in the team's next game.

"They told Gio they would shoot him in the legs and would ruin his career," Santander said yesterday. "I thought they were going to shoot him. He was as terrified as I was. I'm frightened. I don't know what to do. They said that if we did not win the game, we would suffer the consequences."

Suffer the consequences? Sheesh. Listen, we're all for rooting for your favorite team and being passionate about sports. But, we're gonna go out on a limb here and say that these two guys took things just a tad too far. Put the guns down and pick up a foam finger or something, fellas. It's just a game!

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[via Sports Illustrated]