Raise your hand if you knew that Jerry Stackhouse was still in the NBA. LIAR! You didn't know Stack was still balling. And, if we're being honest here, neither did we. But, apparently, he's been buried on the bench for the Atlanta Hawks all season playing very sparingly (about nine minutes per game) and only averaging a shade over three points per contest. Good for him. If the Hawks are willing to pay the price to have him, why not keep trying to play?

We have a feeling they're not gonna be so quick to resign him next season, though. Because, despite the fact that they're paying millions for him to ride the pine this season, he put up a blog on his website yesterday and did something that's probably not going to sit too well with his teammates. He picked the Miami Heat—and not the Hawks—to win the NBA championship this season.

"I am clearly planning for Atlanta to be in the Finals," he wrote. "If I put on my analyst hat, however, if we are looking at the personnel and everything that's going on during these playoffs, I have to take Miami to win it all. Miami is the favorite to come out of the East, and I'm not counting out the Lakers in the West the way Ramon Sessions and Kobe Bryant are playing."

Wait, so your team is still in the playoffs…and you're picking the Heat to win? And, backing it up with a Lakers pick, too? Oh. Alrighty then. Enjoy watching the rest of the playoffs from the bench.

[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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