We're all for phony phone calls—provided, of course, they're funny. And, what happened to former Rutgers wide receiver Mohamed Sanu during the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft last night was most definitely not funny.

A few minutes before the Cincinnati Bengals were set to make the 27th pick in the draft, someone decided to pretend to be a Bengals executive and called Sanu's cell phone to tell him that Cincy was using their pick to take him. Sanu was understandably excited because he hadn't been projected to be off the board until the second or third round of the draft. And his agent even went as far as to tweet out the news to the world.

Only problem? Sanu wasn't actually selected by the Bengals a few minutes later and he quickly realized that he'd been the victim of a very cruel prank caller. We're all for fun and games. But, even we have to admit that this particular prank call was pretty fucked up.

[via Deadspin]

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