And you thought your weekend was nuts. Ryan Leaf managed to get himself arrested not once, but twice over the course of the last three days thanks to his weekend activities.

Yesterday, we brought you the news of Leaf's first arrest on Friday. He got picked up by authorities in Montana and charged with burglary and drug possession after he allegedly broke into the home of an acquaintance and stole a bunch of prescription pills from him. Leaf posted a $76,000 bond in that case and was released from jail.

But now, the Associated Press is reporting that Leaf just got picked up again this morning and charged by the Central Montana Drug Force with burglary, theft, and two counts of criminal possession of dangerous drugs. He's also being held because of a probation violation. And the charges stem from a completely different case, not the one that took place Friday.

Although no details were release, a CMDF spokesperson revealed that the new charges have to do with another burglary that allegedly took place on Sunday. And because one of the charges against him is a probation violation, Leaf won't be released on bond this time. Instead, he'll have a hearing later today to determine what will happen to him next.

Damn. We know Leaf was a bust in the NFL. But, this is almost too much to believe. We're not even going to clown the guy anymore (not even for that horrific mug shot that deserves a spot on this list). We just hope he gets some help. Because, clearly, something isn't right with him right now.

[via AP]

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