When we first got wind of this, the initial thought was "wonderful, now I have to listen to the tailgaiting idiot behind me call me a 'pussy' while he scrapes all the paint off the back of my car." Luckily, the NHTSA means this a bit more literally. It wants the cars to communicate with each other, not the people.

The idea is that if your car is sending wireless signals to the other cars on the road, it will simply refuse to drive into them. This is brilliant until one realized that it will make people feel like they cannot crash. These people will then promptly run out and drive into a "mute" 1957 Chevy Bel Air at 65mph.

The NHTSA is also working on a law to improve rear-ward visibility in cars and urging the 12 states that do not have texting while driving bans to adopt them.

[via Detroit Free Press]

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