In the next year, Maserati will br producing four new vehicles. Three will be badged as Masers and one as an Alfa. This is good news. "What are they?" you ask. We'll tell you:

  • New Quattroporte: Maserati's big sedan is awesome, but dated. It's time for a new one.
  • Smaller sedan: It will probably be comparable to a Mercedes E63 AMG. Possibly featuring a turbo Pentastar engine.
  • Kubang: Maserati's Grand Cherokee based SUV. If this thing can't tackle Dakar, we're disappointed.
  • Alfa Romeo 4C: The ultra lightweight, semi-affordable, sexy as all hell, Alfa that will theoretically bring the marque back to the USA. You know, once the Italians get around to it.

We're pumped about the two sedans, going crazy with anticipation over the Alfa, and cautiously optimistic about the Kubang.

[via Wall Street Journal and Jalopnik]

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