Seattle resident Russ Berkman won some tickets in a lottery and was all set to get up with three of his boys and head to Augusta, Georgia for The Masters. That was until he ran out for a quick errand to the store and came home to find out that his dog had eaten all of his Masters tickets. A regular man would've chalked this L up to the game, but Russ is no regular dude.

Homie gave his dog, Sierra, Hydrogen peroxide (animal-safe) until she puked every shred of paper out. He was only half way home, though. Russ then sat there, without shame, and picked every piece of ticket out of the vomit and taped them back together. He then called the good folks over at Augusta, shared his story, provided photographic evidence and received four new passes.

SMH. Bitches be trippin'.

[via Yahoo Sports]

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