We realize we're not exactly solving one of the world's great mysteries when we say this, but people do really dumb stuff when they're drunk. Take this guy, for example. He's a 40-year-old golf fan named Clayton Price Baker who allegedly got loaded at The Masters on Sunday, snuck into a sand trap with a beer cup, and then tried to make off with a cup full of sand. He didn't make it very far, though.

Police saw Baker sneak down into the trap, gave chase, and—surprise, surprise!—caught up to him relatively quickly. Then, they arrested him and charged him with disorderly conduct. Oh, and the worst part? He didn't even manage to get any sand into his beer cup. So even if he had somehow managed to get away from police at Augusta National, all he would have walked away with was a great story. What a jackass.

[via Off The Bench]

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