Considering all parties involved, the blame for the super fight that has yet to happen falls on boxing. What other sport has situations like this where the top athletes do not face each other because of the ridiculous aforementioned reasons? None. Because most other major sports have a sanctioning body to avoid such embarrassment. If the NBA had owners act as promoters setting up "championship games" with teams like the Heat facing off against the Wizards instead of taking on the Thunder, then you'd lose fans and diminish the quality of the sport. Thus what's happened to boxing over the last few decades.

The more alphabet belts handed out to every brawler willing to lose brain cells for a bit of money and fame and the longer fans have to wait to see legit fights, then the less likely it seems of boxing becoming a relevant sport again. So, until Dana White's twin comes in to get shit straightened out or the second-coming of Iron Mike arrives, we'll keep hopelessly waiting for the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight that seems further away from happening than ever before.

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