As somebody who has personally driven I-70 multiple times going to and from school in Missouri, I can attest to how boring that ride can get. There's nothing but gargantuan truck stops with strange diners attached and strip clubs that offer sensual video games. As you drive through the boring landscape, you look for anything to break the monotony.

So, when people saw Christopher Lee Shatlain from Columbia, Missouri casually pedaling along on his seven-foot unicycle, they must have been ecstatic. It's probably a miracle he hasn't caused any accidents. Shatlain, who has been a professional unicycle rider for the past three years, was simply returning home from work on a windy day when a couple of former Mizzou J-Schoolers pulled out their camera for a quick interview. Shatlain said he picked up the hobby because he saw a commercial and wanted to see if he could do it. In this case one man's challenge is hundreds of commuters' entertainment. 

[via KMOV]

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