After Syracuse's controversial win over UNC Asheville, Reggie Miller had plenty of criticisms to dish out. During his time on the mic, Reggie questioned everything from the officials' calls to the Orange and their defensive strategy saying that the 'Cuse should've used more man-to-man D to capitalize on their size advantage. Even though those comments probably made a lot of sense, they didn't sit well with coach Jim Boeheim.

You see, coach Boeheim has five children: Elizabeth, James, Jack, Jamie and the oldest of them all, the 2-3 zone defense. So, anytime you go after one of his kids, he's going to respond to your criticisms whether you're in the room or not. And before fielding any questions from the media in Friday's press conference, Boeheim took some time out to address the comments Reggie made earlier in the week with the man himself in the room. While it is difficult to make out what Miller is saying, here is a transcript detailing how it all went down.

MODERATOR: We're joined by Coach Jim Boeheim.  Do you want to make an opening statement?

COACH BOEHEIM:  Well, yeah, one. I just wanted to tell Reggie that we do not play man‑to‑man defense, just in case you didn't realize that.

REGGIE MILLER:  I do know that.

COACH BOEHEIM:  It reminded me, if I never went to an NBA game, you missed your first two jumpers.

REGGIE MILLER:  That would never happen (laughter).

COACH BOEHEIM:  But if it did, me saying, Why didn't that guy just drive?  Oh, because he can't (laughter)... I'll take questions.      

While most people will probably say that the Syracuse coach isn't revealing something that everyone didn't already know about Reggie's game, you try and tell an NBA player that a part of their game is lacking, they would probably be... oh, we see what you did there, Mr. Boeheim. Touché, my man, touché. 

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