The Knicks are going to win the NBA title this year...

Okay, you done laughing? For the record, that's not actually our opinion. We think anything above and beyond a first-round exit from the NBA Playoffs would be a real shock. But, we digress. The point of this post is to point out that the new Knicks head coach Mike Woodson is staying optimistic when it comes to his squad. And he thinks that the Knicks are going to win the NBA title this year. No, really. He actually said that. On the record.

"We have a legitimate shot to win the title," he told the New York Post during a lengthy Q&A recently. "When the playoffs come around, it's open season. Who's playing hardest, the best...who really believes that they can really get it done. Home court and all that goes out the door. It's great to have the home court, but hey, we [the 2004 Pistons] didn't have it in the Eastern Conference final that year, and we ended up beating the Pacers. We didn't have it in the Finals that year, and we beat the Lakers...and if these guys are honest with themselves, and hold each other accountable, their credibility is rollin' high, man, anything can happen in a playoff series. Anything."

Anything, though, Coach? After all, we are talking about the Knicks here. They're a team that hasn't won a 'chip in...well, let's just say that if you don't have any gray hair yet, you don't remember the last time the Knicks won a title. So, let's take one thing at a time here. How about you get into the playoff picture—and stay there!—and then we can start talking about winning a series? From there, anything is possible. But getting Knicks fans excited about a title is only going to lead to more disappointment when it doesn't happen. And is that really what you want to deliver?

[via NY Post]

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