Are J.R. Smith and Tahiry an item? Judging by the photo he posted up on Twitter last night, it sure seems like it. Smith is on the road in Milwaukee with the Knicks right now, but he still found some time to post a photo of Joe Budden's ex-girlfriend—or, more appropriately, Joe Budden's ex-girlfriend's big butt clad in nothing but a thong. That set off a firestorm of subsequent tweets in which J.R. (who's had his share of controversial posts) mocked Budden and Tahiry's relationship ("Sorry for my last tweet @TheRealTahiry n @JoeBudden I see y'all will never be done so I'll step aside an chalk this one up!" he tweeted) and Tahiry playfully nudged him on by tweeting, "I'm mad at u thinking this shit was funny we will deal with this later. However, u are not going anywhere."

SMH. Props to J.R. for scoring the NSFW pic (which you can Google yourselves), but is this dude trying to get Slaughterhouse to run up on him right now? This isn't gonna end well for somebody. So it might be a good idea for J.R. to keep these kinds of photos locked up on his phone from now on.

[via Black Sports Online]

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