Reminds me of: "He has a Tracy McGrady style of game with stuff off the dribble and his jump shot. Lamb's not as athletic as T-Mac but their games are very similar."

"Jeremy Lamb is a silent assassin. He doesn't say much but he can kill you. He has that kind of a wingspan that, with his arms relaxed, he drags his knuckles on the floor when he walks. When he crosses with the ball he can pull you from side to side, catch you off balance and explode to the hoop. He's so dangerous because of his wingspan and ability to be shifty. I think he needs to become more assertive though. He's such a gifted player but when you talk to scouts, people wonder if he demands the basketball enough. Does he have that killer instinct you need when you're a scorer? Will he get drafted because of his potential but get lost in the shuffle by not demanding the ball and dominating?"