What advantages do you have going for you? 

We’re aggressive. We take chances. Our weather is the greatest weather in the world.  There’s no humidity, there’s no need to put salt on cars in the winter. You always want to buy a California car, because even if it’s been outside everyday, it’s basically babied. I grew up as a little kid looking at guys with tattoos driving rag top Impalas. So, we have a head start over everybody else.

Our painters and our colors that we choose with our cars are different too. Through the Internet I can almost go to any place in the U.S. and find guys that build custom cars. Of course there’s always been these older guys, but they’re like dinosaurs, fossils, you know what I’m sayin? We’re the youth, we’re coming up, we’re the next. We put more aggressive, bigger rims on our cars. We put louder music. We take more chances.

My buddies will rip apart a Bugatti and not paint it. You got a $1.5 million car and you’re tearing it apart to put everything carbon fiber, put these wheels on, and a bigger sound system. They’re crazy. I think a lot of the younger guys today are driving the cars that old, rich fossils used to drive. You have the old man that’s finally got the money for his car, and you got 30-year-old kids in Rolls-Royces. Times are different. We’re getting all the cool stuff. 

We’re expected to be businessmen at young ages. A rapper’s gotta be a rapper, plus he gotta understand marketing, plus he’s gotta be able to do interviews, plus he’s gotta make merch, plus he’s gotta push himself. Same with us. We gotta do the same stuff too, so it’s a process.

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