Where can people find your products?

The first year we were very picky. We hand picked strategic stores that are not majors. We don’t go to majors. We want to build it our way first. You know if you go to majors, they  try of dictate the way you should do your product, the way you should build it, you know what I mean?

So, we tried to stay away from them, do it our own way. When they do approach us, we’ll already have our own way to do stuff. They’ll pretty much want us because we’re hot. We won’t be conforming to anybody’s styles. We’re doing everything different about this company.

It sounds like you might have to know somebody who knows someboy to find your stuff. 

It's gonna be out there. We’re gonna be hitting them hard, especially in Southern California. The product is incredible. The actual synthetic wax and all the stuff that’s inside the bottle is amazing, and I’m real real picky with car stuff. I thought OCD and all that stuff was just protection. I want the stuff tight, and I use it myself, so that’s the main thing. We're always trying to improve our stuff in every way. It's gonna be interesting to be able to really hit 'em.

There are so many car shows out here that no one cares about, that nobody caters to. No major corporation has made an attempt to go to the Compton College Car Show. I’m the only person that does that. I'm willing to go and set up my booth there. Even though, maybe next week, I might be in Miami on South Beach at an invite-only event.

We still love to go down home to Whittier Boulevard, East L.A., San Pedro, Tanoma, we’re all over the place. It’s really important that we own Los Angeles first, and then people will find where our stuff is located. We’ll be in some chains, but a lot of them are mom and pop style and that’s what we want. I’m not worried about majors picking up on it. That’s gonna be the easy part. My thing is how to go and make the family that’s doing the business, helping them out. There are still those types of places.

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