We can't possibly do this story justice. So, we're just going to let Delonte West tell it. Here's what happened when he took a trip to the Dallas Zoo with Lamar Odom and a group of local students recently.

"Well, I think they noticed as soon as I came into the zoo my natural animal instinct, you know what I mean?" he told ESPN yesterday. "I got a chance to eat with the lions, you know? They had Lamar playing with the penguins, but they needed me for the more animalistic-type of things, carnivore-type of things. So, I also had a chance to give birth to a baby cheetah today and I'm just overwhelmed with the experience to be amongst my own and my peers."

Wow. Even for D-West, that's a fucking crazy thing to say. And that's not all he had to say, either. He also continued on and talked about his experiences with animals when he was younger.

"I just ran out in the woods, whatever I could find take it home as a pet," he said. "I had a pet raccoon once. No, I took my few field trips to the zoo, but like I said, I think we're getting ready to go see some of the lions and gorillas, my own kind and hopefully we can have a nice bonding experience and they will accept me as the pack leader."

That's right. NBA player, pack leader, and the best damn field trip chaperone of all-time. Ladies and gentlemen...Delonte West!

[via Los That Sports Blog]

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