Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling may seem like a total jackass at times (and, if what we've read about him over the years is true, he is a total jackass for the most part). But even he can't fuck up the Clippers current roster. Yesterday, he was asked about the future of Clips head coach Vinny Del Negro after the team's recent slump and he supported him wholeheartedly. But, more importantly, he was also asked about the futures of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, who have both produced for the Clips this year despite the team's struggles. And he gave a pretty creepy answer. Especially when you consider that Sterling really doesn't have the power to physically keep them both in a Clippers uni once their contracts expire.

"Chris Paul will be with me for a lifetime," Sterling said. "And Blake, too. I'm not going to ever let these guys go. They are max players, and so you're going to pay that and keep them."

Um, okay. Whatever you say, man. A lifetime, though? That's a weird word to use to describe your relationship with a player. Then again, this is Donald Sterling we're talking about. So, yeah...WTF did you expect?

[via Eye On Basketball]

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