Brad Miller has stuffed a whole lot of awesomeness into his 14-year NBA career. But nothing he's done during it has been quite as awesome as the reason he just gave for why he's planning on ending it at the end of this season.

You see, most guys have to call it quits because of an injury or because their body simply can't take the pounding of an 82-game season anymore. But, Brad Miller? Nah, son. This is a guy who was once thisclose to taking a punch from Shaq. This is a guy who once threw cornrows in his hair. This is a guy who has one of the worst tattoos in NBA history on his arm. So, he's not going out like that. Instead, he's stepping away from the game in search of even bigger game next year.

"For anyone that is listening," the current Minnesota Timberwolves center said before last night's T'Wolves/Warriors game, "I'm going to retire after this season. It's time to concentrate on Country Boys. I'm done."

Country Boys—or Country Boys Outdoors as it's officially called—is Miller's TV show about hunting that airs on the Sportsman Channel. It features him and pro hunter Jon Brunson traveling the world and hunting in different locations and it was selected Best New Series at the 2009 Sportsman Choice Awards (who knew such a thing even existed?!). But it seems Miller doesn't feel like he's devoted enough of his time to it. So after the current NBA season ends, he'll pack up his things, turn down an NBA contract worth millions, and start hunting full-time.

And, really, would you expect anything less from Miller? We told you this guy is awesome.

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