In case you haven't noticed, there are a lot of people in America who still hate LeBron James. Need proof of that? Just check out a recent lifestyle survey conducted by Yahoo! Finance and Fitness. In the survey, Yahoo! asked 2000 Americans about their monthly budgets, income taxes, and other financial issues. They also posed the question, "Who do you think makes way more money than he/she deserves to?"

The top two answers weren't particularly surprising. Number one was Snooki, who has basically made a living off getting wasted by the beach. And number two was Kim Kardashian, who has gotten famous for, well, we'll let you insert your own sex tape joke here. But the third person was LeBron James, a semi-surprising choice when you consider that: A) Bron-Bron actually took a pay cut to come to Miami to start playing with the Heat in 2010, B) You could argue that, if nothing else, Bron-Bron actually puts in a ton of physical labor for his job, which is more than we can really say for answers one and two, and C) Bron-Bron makes a whole hell of a lot less than NBA players like Rashard Lewis, Gilbert Arenas, Joe Johnson, Elton Brand, and Pau Gasol, which is just insane when you really think about it.

We know we've been hard on LeBron at times. But even we wouldn't say he's overpaid. Then again, we're also not particularly surprised that some people out there penciled him in when they were filling out this survey. The hate is clearly still strong.

[via Ball Don't Lie]

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