Here's Why Some Cars Are So Ugly

In the highly technical world of Formula 1, form follows function. Sometimes, unfortunately, the function calls for some really unattractive form. Such is the case with a few of the 2012 cars. Take a look at the Ferrari F2012 pictured above. Anything seem amiss? If you thought to yourself, "Well, the nose does look a little funny", you're absolutely right. Some cars have adopted what is being called the "platypus" nose due to a change in the rule book that says the nose may be no higher than 22-inches. Teams like McLaren did not adopt the design because their nose was already below 24-inches in height. However, other teams who wanted to use their 2011 car as a basis for their 2012 car simply decided to lower the front of their nose. We'll see how that decision pans out for the rest of the season.