F1 is Coming to the U.S.

Similar to soccer, Formula 1 is big in nearly every corner of the globe except the United States. That's all fit to change (hopefully) in 2012 when F1 makes its way to Austin, Texas for the Circuit of the Americas Grand Prix. The track, designed by Hermann Tilke, the controversial go-to track designer, is a 3.4-mile circuit with 20 turns, a nearly mile-long straight, and an elevation change of 133 feet. The track should be familiar to most drivers and fans as parts were picked wholesale from some European circuits: there is a series of turns from England's Silverstone circuit and a facsimile of Instanbul's Turn Eight. Along with the Korean International Circuit, Yas Marina, and Interlagos, the Circuit of the Americas will be one of the only races to run counterclockwise.

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