Heisman winner Robert Griffin III is headed for the NFL, and if this video is any indication of the future, we're all in for an extremely amusing show. Griffin III, his mother, father, and fiancee were guests of Mr. and Mrs. President Barack Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast, and the Baylor Bear was tasked with saying the closing prayer. Before thanking the Lord, Griffin III gave a few flashes of a playful personality we're hoping to see more of. 

"To the President, if you ever get a little tired of running the country or anything like that, a little bored, I'd love to play you in basketball," Griffin said. "It would be a friendly competition, because I wouldn't want anyone to feel like I was trying to hurt you or anything. I wouldn't dunk on you at all."

The Heisman quarterback was a guest of the President, graciously promised not to dunk on him,  and was about to say a prayer at a national event. His pedestal was growing higher by the second, before he quickly dropped back down to everybody's level with a friendly reminder that he's still just a goofy kid. 

"This has been a really long breakfast, the longest I've ever been a part of," he said leaning his grin into the microphone. "... both of my cups are empty down there ... and I really have to use the bathroom." 

He goes on to say a beautiful, well-put prayer and in the process convinced us that he is going to be a media goldmine for whichever team is lucky enough to land him in the upcoming NFL draft

[via NBC Washington]

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