For much of the U.S., this is been an extremely odd winter. Not in the fact that we didn't get snow on Christmas, but that most people haven't had much snow at all this entire season. Big cities like Chicago and New York have seen dustings compared to what they are used to. Although this has resulted in better traffic conditions and less accidents, there are people like us that thoroughly enjoy driving in the snow, particularly in empty parking lots.

Apparently in Germany, where it's snowing like it sould be, Chief Instructor of the Nürburgring Driving Academy Andy Gülden feels the same we do, so when the track in Green Hell was covered in snow and ice, he wasn't about to shy away. He slapped on a different set of tires, strapped on some cameras, and put the pedal to the floor, skillfully gliding around the track. After watching this, our desire for snow has increased exponentially. We're just hoping we don't have to go to Germany to have one of our annual donut sessions. 

[via Auto Guide]

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