It can be one of the most fun things to do in sports. You dislike certain players, and when you see them, you have somebody to boo and cheer against. Sometimes you don't eve know why you hate somebody, it just happens because he's winning, or because he's super popular. The time for the annual Forbes' most-disliked athletes list is here, and the top five is made up of some expected, and some not so expected names. In order: 

1. Mike Vick (60%)
2. Tiger Woods (60%)
3. Plaxico Burress (56%)
4. Ndamukong Suh (51%)
5. Kris Humphries (50%)
6. LeBron James (48%)
7. Kobe Bryant (45%)
8. Terrell Owens (45%)
9. Alex Rodriguez (44%)
10. Kurt Bush (42%)

We aren't surprised by Vick, Woods, or Suh; Vick and Woods for obvious reasons, and Suh for proving his dirty image this past season. We aren't really sure why Plax or K-Hump are getting so much hate, though. Plaxico had a gun and shot himself, then did jail time for it. Are people really that much against guns? As for Humphries, the guy dated a babe, got paid for it, and then got a divorce. SO WHAT. How does this put him on a list next to people that have destroyed their marriage by repeatedly cheating with hookers or murdered helpless dogs? We know we said people can hate for no reason, but when it's a specific list like this, we're don't understand why these are the results. 

[via Forbes

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