11. Brooke Sealey

Ex-wife of: Jeff Gordon
Year of Divorce (Length of Marriage): 2002 (Eight years)
Settlement Amount: $15.3 million
You think success would be great for a marriage but many athletes have found out that it can often be the other way around. During the latter years of this union, Jeff Gordon won his first two Winston Cup Championships. With those victories in '97 and '99, Gordon became one of the top names in NASCAR but the added fame and money seems like it put a strain on his relationship since he and Booke were divorced by 2002. The split didn't seem very amicable either as Brooke demanded alimony, two cars, and use of the couple's boats and airplane. Jeff has since moved on to (and onto) model Ingrid Vandebosch whom he married in 2006. How much you want to bet that prenup was on deck this time?