It's the day after Valentine's Day and you know what that means: All those couples that were obnoxiously cute for a day can now get back to their usual bickering. However, as much as your wifey may get on your nerves, the old saying could never be more true: It is cheaper to keep her. No one knows this better than pro athletes and owners who've shelled out seven, eight, and in some cases nine figures to their ex-wives in divorce settlements.

The latest example being Kobe Bryant who was forced to give Vanessa Laine $75M in addition to three mansions. Seems like giving all that up just wasn't worth it to the Black Mamba who reportedly reconciled with Vanessa at last night's game (#youcantmakethisshitup)! What does that mean for their divorce and recent settlement? No one knows for sure but in the mean time check out the Most Expensive Divorces in Sports History.