4. For The Troops!

What: NFC Championship @ San Francisco 49ers
Date: 1/20/1991

The San Francisco 49ers had won two consecutive Super Bowls and it was widely assumed that they were on their way to a third. During the regular season, they beat up on the Giants in a 7-3 Week 13 victory and they had home field advantage throughout the 1990 NFC Playoffs. But, did that matter to the Giants? Nope. They knocked Joe Montana out of the game, battered his backup Steve Young, and eventually forced Niners running back Roger Craig to fumble the ball away at the end of the game—setting kicker Matt Bahr up for a game-winning field goal. And as the Giants celebrated, Bahr gave a shout out to the U.S. troops who were preparing to engage in Operation Desert Storm. "This," he yelled, "is for the troops!"