20. The Tuna Bowl

What: Regular season vs. New York Jets
Date: 9/14/1997

When Bill Parcells led the Patriots to the Super Bowl, he was a hero. When he left to coach the Jets, he became a pariah. Patriot fans were foaming from the mouth for weeks in anticipation of a regular season game between New England and New York. The game lived up to the hype, with the Jets almost pulling off a miracle comeback. In a span of 15 seconds, Keyshawn Johnson tied the game on a touchdown reception, then the Jets recovered a fumble on the ensuing kickoff and set themselves up for a 29-yard game-winning field goal. The kick was blocked by Patriots linemen Mike Jones in an astonishing turn of events, and the Patriots won in overtime on an Adam Vinatieri field goal. That Vinatieri guy's going to pop up again on this list.

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